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I’m so freaking tired and I’m gonna pass out in two seconds…but I promise in the morning.Welcome to the Bureau of Land Management(BLM), General Land Office (GLO) Records Automation web site.Due to organization of documents in the GLO collection, this site does not currently contain every Federal title record issued for the Public Land States.Federal Land Patents offer researchers a source of information on the initial transfer of land titles from the Federal government to individuals.A great chronicle regardless, and it also contains gems like this: Ah, to be a scene girl in 2006. The main point I want to make is that both of these women have gone on to have successful careers of their own, completely independent of their sorta-famous ex-boyfriends. Unfortunately, the word is that they still don’t talk.What a time, the likes of which we may never see again! I’ll be here with my tinfoil hat at the ready in case one of them likes another’s Instagram post or something of the like. they were overly affectionate and jac loved to take pictures, so here are a few of thoseanyway, they dated until january 2006. we’ve got over 10 years to go) if you’re a ryden, you’d be interested to know that jac and audrey both said that they broke up with the boys because they preferred to spend time with each other than with their girlfriends. at some point ryan got himself a makeover and started to style his hair into the well loved Ryhawk. history, i’ll skim over a lot of that stuff, but basically, they were on the Nintendo Fusion Tour with Fall Out Boy in late 2005. she went to a show, they kissed (according to her lj) and then they started dating. i imagine it was a hard time for ryan, especially since he was touring with panic!

Efter ett tag såg Brendons pappa deras stora show i Las Vegas, Nevada. (watch it here) i’m just gonna put some pictures here. after Fever came out, the relationship between Ryan and his dad…. Just då var låtskrivaren Ryan Ross, Panic at the Discos huvudsångare men detta förändras då bandet märkte att Brendon kunde sjunga, då han agerade som backupsångare under träningen.I och med att Brendon blev huvudsångare i Panic at the Disco så la han ner så mycket arbete i bandet att han var nära att inte få godkänt i alla ämnen för att ta studenten.Men till slut lyckades han och samtidigt uppmanade Brendons föräldrar honom att börja studera vid universitetet.

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