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About the Celebrity Look-Alike Dating Show on the WB Men and women who think they look like famous people will be made over to resemble them more closely and sent on a blind date where they'll try to pass as the real celebrity.This IP Address has exceeded the maximum number of captcha solutions. In the study, researchers looked at the genomes of 879 spousal pairs from three generations of white people with Northern and Western European, Southern European, and Ashkenazi ancestry.The group's members had a clear tendency to marry people who shared their genes, but interestingly, this bias lessened with every generation.The Prez and Melania touched down in Rome Tuesday, and waved hello from the steps of Air Force One.

“With the photos surfacing, it only adds fuel to the breakup rumors between Kyga, but we’ll have to see what happens in the future for both parties.” It’s not clear what will happen with Tyga and Kylie Jenner going forward, as the two have split up and gotten back together a few times over the past few months.

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President Trump flew over 1,400 miles -- from Israel to Rome -- and he's STILL in the no holding hands zone.

Kinda freaky but Chaka Khan must be Nicki Minaj’s long lost aunt or something because how else can you explain the striking resemblance? contactmusic.com/It’s ironic that Reagan Gomez-Preston played Robert Townsends’ daughter in The Parent ‘Hood considering she looks like his real-life daughter Skye Townsend. The resemblance helped Stewart get cast as Foster’s daughter in 2002’s Panic Room. Now that her twin has been unveiled, Keyshia can expect all the Mary J. Actress America Ferrera is Honduran, and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks is Black n White, yet they look like they could be sisters.

Jordin has lost a lot of weight lately which lessens their resemblance though.

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