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Both serve a purpose and could work well depending on exactly what you’re looking for in a television experience.Here are some of the highlights from my usage of the X1 over the past few weeks, and some of the areas where it needs to get better.Maybe that's one of the reasons why there seem to be resistance.Another reason might be that a Cable Card that provides better picture quality combined with this type of guide eliminates the need for cable box except as a mean of getting PPV (which seem to be a big chunk of their income). It is a form to be filled out concerning the problem. I submitted it 2 weeks ago and have not received a reply of any kind.

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On startup, the screensaver shows the latest news headlines and other info from the apps.Over the years I’ve treated my TV viewing as a personal sport — with the primary objective of getting as much of my favorite content as I can while spending as little money as humanly possible.At various times I’ve plugged my Mac into my television using an HDMI adapter, used the Play On service to stream content from my computer or my wireless network, and even cut the cord completely for a while in favor of over-the-air broadcast channels, supplemented by Netflix and other streaming services. I have been testing this sleek black cable box for the past three weeks, but to call it a cable box really doesn’t do it justice.These are just elaborations, but I guess whatever the reasons are, a presence of an alternative to Comcast capable of taking over all the services without too much troubles would definetely improve the end user situation. They said that Gemstar is experiencing problems delivering guide data through cable networks all over US (not just Comcast). They are aware of the problem and working on the solution. I have since replaced my video card with an ATI Radeon 700X.I did not get a firm answer to the question "when ? Well, there's always hand editing the lineup list for me.. That reset messed it up and I haven't fixed the outer channels yet. Checked the Gemstar On-Screen guide again a few days back. The VGA worked fine and even the DVI is passible on some stations. The picture is smoother, but the Gemstar guide still will not load. I continue to get an error message which reads: Failed to connect to the server.

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