Dating dinosaur fossils

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is actually that of microbes that have replaced the original dinosaur tissue, as sceptics of her findings have proposed.

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femur showing fragment BB-1 collected for analysis by Fassett in 1998 (photograph by J. Geologic Assessment of Coal in the Colorado Plateau: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah: U.

The current method paleontologists use to date dinosaur fossils is a technique called relative chronology.

The method estimates a fossil’s age relative to the known age of deposits of sediment in which it was found.

Antonio Simonetti, a research associate professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences at the University of Notre Dame, is the coauthor of an important new paper describing a novel method for age dating dinosaur fossils.

Simonetti and colleagues from the University of Alberta used a U-Pb (uranium-lead) dating technique to analyze a fossilized dinosaur bone discovered in New Mexico.

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