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Lola’s website isn’t insultingly girly, which is a nice change of pace in an industry dominated by pastels and pollen.

Co-founder Jordana Kier explained to The Post that they were going for a “really clean, really simple” user interface for their site, My Lola.com, which works on cellphones and tablets too, “because women are on the go, and maybe they don’t want to sit and order a box of tampons at their desktop computer at work.

Now as you can see i got Justin Bieber as my cam for skype and we done creating our fake video.4- ADDING A FAKE VOICE TO TALKThe process is almost the same as the 3rd process, first download morphvox What is morphvox?

Morph VOX Pro is a program that turns your voice into whatever you desire, be it a terrible monster or a young you done with the installation go again to your skype and go to preferences---- you can open and explore it, choose the voice you want to use for your talks on skype.5-Sending our backdoor Go back to skype and make a video-call your victim, once the victim accepts it he/she will see your fake video and listen to your fake voice.

You can claim your free drink, which normally costs in the region of £2.40, between 1pm and 2pm until the offer stops on March 23.

You don't need a voucher code or secret message - just walk up to the counter and ask for a free latte if your local store is on the daily list of shops taking part.

Rinse the egg under cold water to remove any small shell shards, then enjoy.

There might not be any such thing as a free lunch - but a free coffee is certainly on the cards this month.

Once the accounts were compromised, the attackers essentially “rebranded” the account by changing profile photos, biographies, and name of the accounts to match the websites they were promoting.

Symantec has been investigating this issue, and they have found that there were a few high profile accounts that had followers from 20,000 upwards to hundreds of thousands that had been compromised.

It seems that these attackers are going after a variety of accounts, no matter the amount of followers.

Always use complex, unique passwords for each website you visit.

You can learn more about how to create strong passwords and how to manage them here. Password managers makes things easier: Unique passwords are key.

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    However, in spite of their own safety checks there are still unscrupulous individuals who manage to set up a profile and lure people into giving them money in a variety of ways.

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