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Michael Douglas may have come under fire recently for his claim that oral sex caused his cancer, but his marriage to Catherine Zeta-Jones remains solid.

The 68-year-old actor is 25 years older than his movie star wife.

The NY Times has an extensive profile and interview with Hugh Hefner, the 84 year-old Playboy found who is currently engaged to a 24 year-old Playmate.

The Playboy mansion comes across not so much a prison as a singularly unsexy place of strict routines, tight curfews, and old movies. His marriage to Williams lasted 10 years, and according to University of Missouri historian Steven Watts was undone by a basic incompatibility as well as by Hef's open dalliances with other women.

The carpets are regularly stained by the girls’ dogs and the decor hasn’t really changed in a while.

It is described as “porn chic”, which is never really a good thing unless you’re actually shooting a porno, in which case, you’re probably pretty happy about it.

“The emphasis on weight could be very abusive.” In recent years, things have calmed down.

Hef’s current wife, that “a typical day is pretty quiet” and that she spends hours on weekends working on Hef’s scrapbooks.

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