Intimidating shout focus

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In that case Wo W will try to execute 2 commands at once, which does not work and thus not execute anything.If there is no such keybind, I would first try it without Shift.Was wondering if anyone knows a way (Macro) to trick intimidating shout to work as an aoe fear like psychic scream?It could be quite nifty for cc like focus-intercept/charge to a caster casting to stop his cast and then do fear onto him without actually targetting him in order to stop him from casting for around 7 secs total (Assuming you are dps'ing his alli and not him).last updated: Feb 9, 17 If you're ever in a situation where you're bladestorming and need to instantly charge, this macro will make it so that you're able to do so.For example if you're sitting on a resto druid that uses displacer beast, you'll be able to instantly charge the moment they blink away even if you're channeling your bladestorm.

If so, it's something todo with the setup of the macro. At the moment I'm at work so no Wo W for me but I'd try "@focus" instead of target= but I think its interchangeable. Sorry for now Fiercon Are you sure that modifiers work when originally bound to one (STRG modifier on SHIFT-G)?

last updated: Feb 14, 17 This macro is great for situations where you may be channeling a bladestorm but need to charge your focus target to stop crowd control or peel or even just to swap target.

Using this macro will allow you to instantly do any of these things.

I don’t mind at all, but just be aware it usually takes about a week to get back to people.

In the meantime, I suggest checking out the addon I use called “Impulse” (I show it for a bit at the begging of the video).

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