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The female body is an elaborate and wondrous thing.3.

"I'm not 100% where I want to be professionally." Who is, really?

Discovering a surprise card from you will make her day and will most likely sit on her desk or counter as a reminder of you.3. Ask her exactly the way she takes it and surprise her by bringing her a cup one day — or a package of it that she can brew on her own.

"Your family really scares me." Either the constant contact, or the gruff father, or the crazy sister...

There is no confusion about how you feel for another person, you know whether you like them or not, but the way you express your emotions and thoughts may not be too clear or may not be interpreted correctly.

Mixed signals can happen anytime of the year, of course, but they do seem to happen more during a Mercury retrograde.

There are no magic amulets that will help you dodge it, just be a little more aware and patient.Ruth tells CBS News\u0027 Lauren Moraski the secret to a good Valentine\u0027s Day","author":null,"duration":344,"air Date":,"date Created":null,"date":"2015-02-13 ","keywords":"valentine\u0027s day, Fifty Shades of Grey, news, dating advice, video, relationships, cbs, dr ruth, sex tips, ","tags":,"image":,"promo Image":,"show Style":"no-show","suppress":false,"season":"1","episode":"1","mpx Ref Id":"Og CQH6x My DTs S_Qp V8o IM8h3j Q48x MBv","segment":1,"viewable":true,"is60minfranchise":false,"is60Extra":false,"is6048Preview":false,"topic":"entertainment","topic_name":"Entertainment","topic_parent_slug":"entertainment","topic_parent":"Entertainment","collection":,"primary Topic":,"type Name":"content_video","norobot":false,"authors":[],"canonical Url":" Date":,"has AMP":true,"ld_json":[,],"seo Meta Description":"Dr.Ruth tells CBS News\u0027 Lauren Moraski the secret to a good Valentine\u0027s Day, her thoughts on \u0022Fifty Shades\u0022 and whether guys should pay on the first date.","seo Meta Keywords":["valentine\u0027s day","Fifty Shades of Grey","news","dating advice","video","relationships","cbs","dr ruth","sex tips"],"seo Meta Image":,"pid":"b2NQbcmzi K0F","social Tags":},"pid":"b2NQbcmzi K0F","title":"Dr."I have a body complex as well." He sucks in his gut every time he takes off his shirt and hopes you don't notice.5."I have occasional doubts about us." No one in a relationship is 100 percent sure all of the time.

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