Online dating nightmare custody battle

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Robin claims that her ex-husband Daniel lured their two daughters from her home in the middle of the night and kidnapped them.She says she believes Daniel, with whom she has been in a custody battle for years, has been “brainwashing” the girls to hate her, claims Daniel denies.“Our custody battle is completely out of control,” says Robin, who says she has full legal and physical custody of her 12- and 14-year-old daughters.It involves a surreptitious attempt by O' Reilly to undermine his custody arrangement by hiring, as a member of his household staff, the woman he and his ex had agreed on as a neutral arbiter of their disputes.It also involves O' Reilly's attempts to annul his marriage and have Mc Philmy potentially booted from the Catholic Church.To catch you up: In May 2010, O' Reilly and his wife began living in separate houses less than half a mile from each other on Long Island.In 2011, O' Reilly used his connections with the Nassau County Police Department (and the potential for donations to a nonprofit affiliated with the department) to try to launch an internal affairs investigation into Mc Philmy's new boyfriend—a Nassau County detective—for the crime of sleeping with Bill O' Reilly's wife.She claims Daniel sent a message to their oldest daughter on social media encouraging her to run away and bring her sister.She says after that, her daughters left in the middle of the night.

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“My kids are great; they are doing really well,” she told us of her son and daughter, who are living in Monaco and France.

With the help of the New York Civil Liberties Union, we are currently suing the NCPD for access to public records, including O' Reilly's correspondence with former commissioner Lawrence Mulvey, about the episode.

That case is on appeal to the Second Department of New York Supreme Court's Appellate Division.

“A few months ago when my girls were staying with their dad, my daughter Zoey called me and said she didn’t want to exist.

I could hear Daniel yelling at her, using profanities.

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