Speed dating city beer hall

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Mc Kean Banzer-Lausberg, Founder of Migration Brewing.

A huge thank you to Migration Brewery for offering to host us in their great meeting space, and Mc Kean for participating as an entrepreneurial speaker.

Her curiosity was piqued and she brought along her able wingwoman, Siu.

“She’s one of my more adventurous and spontaneous friends,” Yu says. ” Upon arrival, the two were given their paper bags and ushered into a room with the rest of the female participants.

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However, when the opportunity arises to become acquainted with many of the budding companies - you see just how vast the ecosystem really is.This event features four local successful entrepreneurs who will present, discuss, and answer questions about their businesses in an intimate setting.Brief bios of the entrepreneurs, that will be speaking at this event, can be found below.The Cimagine solution utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology to superimpose digital 3D images of an item onto a selected environment.Cimagine’s mobile device app allows users to scan products in-store or online and overlay a 3D representation of the object in an accurate manner that provides views from all angles, distances and color variations.

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