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Stereotypical Irish with red hair and freckles Not into taboo stuff like piss, scat, etc, but happy to chat about most other things. I'm from India, the place that literally 'wrote the book'... This is probably my seventh or eighth time on this crazy place...

Call me old fashioned, but prefe..really disliking the stupid every five minutes pop up adds get it sorted babble please i know you have bills to pay but its constant now everything you touch and this thing pops up a general collection of nonsense it is ....generally friendly kind person with many interests music art other general oddities oh and of course sex .... I keep signing up, having fun, feeling lame and/or regret, deleting my account, then signing up again..we go 'round and 'round.

My wife and I are would like to spice things up with another couple or singles.

As we are new to the scene we are not familiar with some of the terms. Our idea of swapping is having sex with other people while still being together. you will email me i will give you some information and some sites that will help ypu in your search ...i will not email you first as it will go against my record of emailing someone listing intimate encounter ....

Sexting is very natural to local hot girls, they are used to texting dirty messages all the time, and swapping selfies and it is why these tools are helping Adult Sex Dating grow faster than ever with millions of members joining monthly! All types of horny men and women of all ages and cultures and participating with sexting and adult sex chat here.

BAR [Swingers] A restaurant or****ail lounge that is periodically open exclusively for swingers.

Adult Sex Dating is one of the kinkiest ways of dating online these days and to become the hottest trend everywhere!

This phenomenon is no new thing and has been around for many years.

It started with US air force pilots that looked after the widows of their fellow deceased pilots.

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